Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm still around!

No, no this blog hasn't died a quick and spectacular death just yet. Things are going mostly well here - I have just had a bad case of the "Winter blahs" so we won't discuss my diet in detail today... it will get back on track I promise! - I have however been working out. I signed up for Bikini Mommy Body and as of today (day 3!) I have done each one of the workouts. Yay me! I have been a gross sweaty mess at the end but the point is I have stuck to it so here's to the next 90 days and continuing to STICK to it!

I have been experimenting with baked goods made with flour soaked in kefir which are apparently easier to digest. My first attempt was a banana bread and boy did that fail SPECTACULARLY. To call it a monstrosity would be too kind. This was a chewy lumpy ridiculous tasting mess and the fact that it had to cook at a stupidly low temperature for an hour and a half totally added insult to injury. Plus it smelt AMAZING... I have no idea how the smell was so appealing and the actual bread... ugh so gross!

I had better luck this evening with muffins and scones but I will talk about those more tomorrow - it's super late and I need some sleep.

Chat soon :)

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