Sunday, January 11, 2015

I've been thinking...

So I have been waffling back and forth about starting a strict healthy diet and I have been trying to decide which one to do. I was tempted to start the 8 week program from the "I Quit Sugar" book but I think that cutting out fruit entirely to start off will probably have me ditching the diet in no time at all.

I have decided to start a Whole30 tomorrow. That's where you cut out sugar, dairy, gluten, legumes and eat lots of vegetables, meats and fruit. I have borrowed my mom's copy of "It Starts with Food" which outlines the why's and how's of the diet and I am armed with enthusiasm. The last time I did one I felt amazing, I lost weight and bloat and gained energy and a more positive attitude.

I am happy to report that I have stuck with the Bikini Mommy Body work out - It felt weird having a rest day today but I am excited to compare my before and after pictures when I hit 90 days. Woohoo, 7 days done - only 83 to go. Wish me luck and staying power. Here's hoping that it will be long enough to turn me into one of those people who have to exercise, I really want to be one of those people. I have found that I have little trouble sticking to the 30 days of this diet, I feel amazing and am happy I did it and then one day of eating junk rolls into three months and I am back where I started and wondering where I went wrong. I think I will probably need to do two or three whole 30's back to back to really ingrain the new lifestyle and make it my new norm. I figure a cheat day here and there won't be terrible after that but I can't just let myself go back to "regular" eating. My 'regular' eating needs to become something better than it is now. For my sake and my family, they need a good example to follow and I would love that job!

I want to eventually be able to eat Kefir and the sourdough bread but I do think I need to take a wee little step back and reset things a little. Here's to the next 30 days. I will try keep you updated with how things are going on a regular basis but you should probably brace for some grumpy posts. Day 9 is apparently universally the WORST day of this diet so let us see how I fare....

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