Friday, January 2, 2015

My sugar starved brain is trying to bust out of my skull....

Well it's day two and I have stayed strong as far as the diet goes. My exercise wasn't as impressive today as yesterday but I did go for a walk around the mall with my daughter and didn't get a tea or coffee or sugary snack so yay for will power! As the title of this post suggests, I do in fact have a pretty miserable headache. It hasn't been a constant thing but I do recognize it from such other fun times as "quitting caffeine". My brain is apparently throwing a wee little tantrum. I don't have much against caffeine but gave it up both times I was pregnant just in case it wasn't great for my babies and then when I breastfed both kids I found the didn't sleep when I drank coffee. Now the studies will tell you that it's nonsense and it doesn't affect them, but my anecdotal evidence was enough to have me hanging back on the java. Sleep is in fact not "overrated" at all. It keeps me from wanting to harm random strangers so I figure we will do what we can to try and make sure sleep happens!

I did attempt to go buy a salad spinner today but only stopped at one place and wasn't willing to pay $30 for a gimmicky salad spinner that folded flat to save space. It looked a little ridiculous. Also $10 seemed too much for the one with a pull string that reminded me of the starters on gas lawnmowers... I mean seriously how do you keep the string and that dark dingy hole clean? yuck! I will be trying a dedicated kitchen gadget store in the next little while.

I got a little further with my book (I quit Sugar) and may be attempting a recipe or two tomorrow so stay tuned for that report back. I'm going to be doing a little research regarding soaking and then drying nuts and grains etc. I'm leaning towards buying a shelf top dehydrator to test it out because I'm not entirely excited by the idea of having my oven on for hours although I have done that to make rusks before... aw heck I'll use the oven the first time and if it is worth it I will invest in the shelf top one.

Anywho it's time for a movie with the Mr. so I will end off here.

Until tomorrow,
Health, Happiness and of course Fitness,

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